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   ◆Scientific and Technological Glories Won by the Company
   ·Backbone Enterprise of Automotive Electronics and Components Industry Base in New District of Wuxi City in National Torch Plan of China
   ·Top 100 Key Private Technological Enterprises in Jiangsu Province
   ◆National-level and Provincial-level Science & Technology Projects Undertaken by the Company
   ·Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development (National 863 Program): Superfine Fibre Super-genuine Leather Key Technology Research
   ·Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Program in Jiangsu Province: Superfine Denier Polyurethane Short Fibre & Its Super-genuine Leather
   ◆The Company has claimed and obtained over ten patents of which 6 patents have been authorized
   ·National Patents:
   ·Utility Model Patents:
   ◆National Standards and Industry Standards of Which the Formulation is Undertaken by the Company or Involves the Participation of the Company
   ·National Standards: Polyurethane Dry-processing Artificial Leather [ GB/T8949/2008]
                《Polyvinyl Chloride Artificial Leather》
                《Polyvinyl Chloride Film & Sheet》
   ·National Mandatory Standards:《Safety Specification for Domestic PVC Artificial Leather》 
   ·Industry Standards:《Superfine Fibre Synthetic Leather in Protective Shoes》
               《Polyurethane Synthetic Leather for Football》
               《Automotive Polyurethane Synthetic Leather》
               《Polyurethane Synthetic Leather for Sports Shoes》
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