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Plastic Film

Product Category



Application Description

Super Transparent Film

0.12~0.50mm (55”)

Excellent transmittance, good glossiness and convenience for printing

It is applicable to food packaging bag, bags, gift bag and beauty case etc.  

Packaging Film


High transparency, excellent flatness, without pastiness in use and various styles and specifications

It is widely used in food packaging bag, bedclothes packaging bag, gift bag and cosmetic bag etc.

General Product

Raincoat Film
Shower Curtain Film
General Film
Film for Tablecloth

0.08~0.30mm (72”)

1. Soft texture and excellent elasticity. 
2. New-fashioned pattern and various novel styles. 
3. Excellent water resistance and weathering resistance.
4. It is multi-colored and soft, has various styles and applicable to high-frequency processing & printing and sewing gilding, has non-cling property and convenience for processing.

Raincoat, Shower curtain, tablecloth and bedclothes packaging bag, and automotive trim etc.  

Toy Film

Pearlized Film
Embossed Film
Print Film
Laminated Film

0.18~1.0mm (36”~72”)

1. A complete range of specifications, wide varieties, exquisite and vivid printing. 
2. Its heavy metal content is lower than 50ppm, which conforms to regulations of relevant provisions of environment-friendly products. 。

Inflatable toys, swimming ring & swimming pool, air bed and inflatable film for floating mat boat.  

Stationery Film

Book Cover
Photo Album
Ticket Folder Film

0.07~0.35mm (54”) 

1. It has low heat shrinkage, which is applicable to high-frequency processing.
2. Novel and slinky texture & emboss, excellent transparency and good vacuum formability.

Book cover stationery, wallet, interior part of photo album.  

Film for Building Materials and Ornaments

Film for Wallpaper
Common Wood-graining Film

0.07~0.25mm (60”) 

1. It has excellent flatness, which is suitable for printing of various printers. 
2. It has a wide selection of styles and brilliant colors. 

1.  Ordinary building materials for decoration, cabinet and furniture etc.  
2.  It is suitable for various processing techniques such as printing, gilding and back coating etc.

Light Box & Advertising Film

0.08~0.30mm (36”~76”)

1.  Excellent weathering resistance and long outdoor service life.  
2.  It is easy to print and has high intensity of net film.

Light box and advertising materials

titanium screws,sae flange